What is CrossFit?

It’s a workout methodology based on constantly-varied high intensity movements that help everyday life.  Why it works is because your body never adapts to any one movement thereby keeping the effect of any given day’s workout at maximum – and you never get bored. 

Is there a beginner class?

Yes!! We realize that Crossfit is intimidating to some individuals that are just getting started on their fitness journey.  FSU Foundations will help you establish a basic understanding of the fundamental movements. Although programmed more toward body weight workouts you will also use weighted PVC pipes, or “whitesticks”, to  learn the strength movements in order to gain both understanding and confidence in your ability.

Why are you better than my gym?

The business model for most franchised gyms (we call them “globo-gyms”) is they want you to sign up and never come in.  You may get a tour of the gym, or a quick overview of the equipment with a trainer, but, you’re on your own after the first one-hour session.  They aren’t there to ensure technique is good when the weight gets heavy or you get tired.

Further, you are as accountable to us as we are to you!  We believe in earning your loyalty, that’s why we don’t charge initiation fees.  WE WILL EARN YOUR BUSINESS EVERY DAY.  If you haven’t come to class in a week, we notice.  So will the members you’ve grown accustomed to working out with. Someone will always check on you.  

For the kind of money you are asking for, why don’t I just go find a Personal Trainer?

You could do that, but you’d end up paying a great deal more.  Let’s say you find someone that’s willing to train you for $20/session.  Even if you only go 3 times a week, that’s $240 per month.  Also, you probably wouldn’t get the camaraderie, competitive push, and/or the support that you’ll feel working with others in a group setting. 

I heard  that CrossFit can hurt you, is this true?

Yes and no. .  ANYTHING you do in life can injure you if you don’t do it correctly, or haven’t taken into consideration your level of fitness, flexibility or health. Runner’s get shin splints, tennis players get tennis elbows, strength trainers get strains, basketball players get sprained ankles, and couch potatoes get obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.  At FSU we will instill Technique BEFORE Intensity.  We will keep you safe by having a watchful eye on you during your entire WOD.   By increasing your strength and flexibility, we will actually make it harder for you to get hurt!  CrossFit done properly is both safe and effective.

What makes it so different from all the other stuff out there (park bootcamps, P90X, globo gyms) that tells me it will get me in shape?

Admittedly, most of our functional movements and exercises aren’t ground-breaking or new.  However, the way we mix them up and combine that with knowledgeable eyes-on coaching, mobility and nutrition advice is NEW.   If you’re working out at home, you risk bad technique and probably are not pushing your strength potential.  At an ordinary bootcamp, they vary exercises, but gaining real strength may be an issue as well as certified coaching.  Gyms, may give you all the great equipment, but do you know how to use it? Or have the ability to gauge your intensity?  Is the coaching affordable?  Is there enough equipment available and is laid out so that you can maintain intensity safely?  Is anyone talking to you about nutrition?  By participating in group classes lead by a certified trainer  intensity and strength are improved while still maintaining safety.

What should I expect in my first workout session?

You first workout will be an introduction to our group training atmosphere. During this hour long session we will discuss what your goals are and answer any questions you may have.  You will be lead through a warmup and review of the foundational movements as well as participate in a short workout which will help us assess your current fitness level. Please arrive 15mins prior to class time, wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle to keep close by.

I heard that CrossFit is too challenging for someone like me.  Is that true?

The person who told you CrossFit was too challenging for you might not be up for the challenge, but I’m guessing you’re reading this because other options have failed you in the past.  The answer to your question is a resounding “No.”  One of the beauties of CrossFit is that it is infinitely scalable, which means that we can tailor any movement we ask our members to do to meet your current level of fitness.   Every new member will talk to the Head Coach about your health history, current body issues, and your short and long term goals so that he can help you reach them. Our classes are open to all ages and fitness abilities.

What does WoD refer to?  I hear everyone using it.

WoD, or Workout of the Day, is the list of exercises for a given day.

What does Scalable mean?

It means we can adapt the work out to suit your individual ability and level of fitness.

Can I just show up for any  class?

Yes, as we teach technique in every class.  You may want to look into our Foundations classes that teach you the elemental movements of CrossFit, first.

Is it true that CrossFit is only for elite athletes, firefighters, military and police?

Absolutely not.  Anyone can gain from the benefits of CrossFit. It is true that CrossFit was initially designed as a fitness program for firefighters, military and police who needed to have a level of fitness to be ready for anything.   This level of fitness allows them to not only be able to save their own lives, but other lives as well. Everyone can benefit from being stronger, faster and more functional.

Do I have to train every day in CrossFit?

No, we encourage you to train intensely but also rest periodically to recover from the exertions as well.  It’s vital to keeping you healthy and allowing you to push next time to new personal bests. Over-training is something we discourage because it does not help you achieve your fitness or health goals and increases the risk of injury.  WE recommend atleast three days of training.

Is CrossFit a sport?

Originally, it was meant to supplement your life and make you better at your other activities.  However, is has, itself, turned into the Sport of Fitness.   CrossFit has its own CrossFit Games  with everyone having a fair and equal chance of making it to the elite finals.  Over 70,000 athletes posted in 2014